The Tour of the Brookfields – April Tournament – Country Auto Open

My blog has always been titled “Life, Golf, Miniatures, & Other Distractions“. Usually, the vast majority of my posts have been about my miniatures and wargaming hobby activities. For those new to this blog, that’s dealing mostly with toy soldiers and using them in various games. For golf, and especially the Tour of the Brookfields monthly tournaments, I mainly used Facebook to share information and results.

However, last year I had a few issues – such as FB inexplicably pulling down my posts on my page that I ran for the tournaments. The explanation (such as it was) was that the posts or pics “violated community standards”. These included pictures (similar to the ones that you will see below) of golfers and some videos of folks swinging clubs etc. I never got an exact explanation of how “community standards” were violated – despite my objections that I sent to Meta. I want to prevent that going forward – hence using my blog.

This year, I will be using my blog to share tournament results and pictures (I cannot share videos). As not everyone who plays is on Facebook, by my posting information here I can get and share it more widely as you only need the link. I will still use FB for coordination and sign ups, but I will be posting results here. This will give access to everyone who wants to know the results and/or see the photos.

On to the Country Auto Open – which was held on Saturday, April 29th, 2023 at Quail Hollow Golf and Country Club in Oakham, MA. It was a cold and slightly drizzly day – but we had a great turnout of 104 players. Because we had so many players, we went to 4 divisions/flights of teams of 6 or 7. The results are below – click on the photo for a bigger image.


Country Auto Open Results for 2023

Most of the flights were very tight – and the Nicklaus Division went into 3 playoff holes before a tie was declared. Congrats to the teams of Jackson Davis, Jim Wilson, Jake Malin, Bob Tilton and Corey Heyes, JP LeBoeuf, Mike Kularski, and Bernie LaPierre Sr. for enduring the 18 holes and 3 playoff holes as well. As my good friend Bob Tilton is approaching 91 – and played 21 holes – that was something to see. Additionally, this marks the 4th tournament in a row that a team with Bob on it came into the money!

In the Player Division, the team of Kevin Paradis, Tom Foley, Amanda Pierce, and Greg Wypych eked out a 1 stroke victory at -7 over two teams (both the teams of Matt Brown, Dickie Ford, Ed McLeod, Wyatt Alm and that of Leon Wetherell, Ron McCann, Jason Kenney, and Spencer Rice came in at -6).

The team of Chris Smith, Shane Chabot, Brian Egan, and Leo Egan won in the Palmer Division with a -7, giving them a narrow two-stroke victory over the team of Jeremy Moran, Tom Orszulak, Jim LaPierre, and Clayton Rice.

In the Daly Division, the team of Matt Desimone, John Markey, John Davis, and Dick LaPierre at -9 edged out the team of Tom Waugh, Joe Nichols, Dan Foley, and Ed Sanborn by one stroke. That team also had the distinction of the lowest overall score in the tournament.

There were three skins won as shown above – all by winning teams. Additionally, closest to the pin was won by Paul Sanborn for his team on the par-3 17th hole.


I don’t always get a chance to take a number of photos – but here are some to share that I took while everyone was waiting to start (and trying to stay warm).

The next TOB is the Still Harts Café Open and will be on May 27th – with a registration time of 7:30 AM at Quail Hollow. I will put a sign up on Facebook and there will be physical sign up sheets at Quail Hollow and at Still Harts Café in North Brookfield. The cut off to sign up will be Saturday, May 20th.

Lastly, if you have any feedback or comments on this blog post – there is a comment section that you can use below. I will be putting up the next event on Facebook – but if you are not on Facebook and want to sign up, you can use the comment section here. The same cutoff criteria applies, as well as the need to vet any new players (the committee will want to get a good idea of your golf game).

Also, if you want to check out my other hobby posts here – feel free – my guess is you will be surprised at what you see.

Thanks again to all the players, Country Auto for sponsoring, and to Gary and Debbie Donlin, Jim LeBlanc, and all the staff at Quail Hollow (like Tara!) who work so hard to make the Tour of the Brookfields possible.

Lesser Pumpkin Heads of the Great Land of Harvest (Wars of Ozz)

In my last post I shared about King Jack and the Great Pumpkin Heads of the Great Land of Harvest. I’m sure that some of you thought – hey – are all of their inhabitants that big? Surely, to have greater pumpkin heads – there must indeed be lesser ones, right?

Indeed there are!

There are several units of lesser pumpkin heads and individual pumpkin head generals – more human-sized ones anyways. I have completed a couple that I will be sharing, starting with this post on my regiment of Lesser Pumpkin Heads. The lesser pumpkin heads are pretty skinny dudes. They can move effortlessly (without cost) through woods, but otherwise they are an average unit.

The Lesser Pumpkin Heads (let’s shorten that to LPH) are part of the Wars of Ozz figures and their SKU# is OZZ506 and can be seen here. The unit is comprised of 20 metal figures, appropriately armed with hatchets, axes, sickles, and scythes – but the unit required no assembly. As with all standard Ozz units the figures are based 4 at a time on five 2″ square bases, but there is no Regimental Commander here.

My goal was to organize them to appear to be a rabble-type force. Unlike the disciplined units of the Munchkins or even the Gillikins, I don’t see these as being very organized in battle with regards to uniforms and drill. I also mixed up their clothing colors, weapons, and flocking such that no two of the five bases looked exactly alike. I did use the basic colors of the Great Pumpkin Heads for the LPH – and especially the yellow-green eyes. Here though, I also needed to show straw (like the stuffing of a scarecrow) coming out of the holes in their clothes and near their wrists.

I’ll share a few WIP shots and then some eye candy. These were also worked on (especially due to the need for orange) simultaneously with King Jack and 4 of his other units in various states of completion at the same time.

I’ll start with assembly of the figures and then move to describing the painting process. I used a number of contrast and speed paints, but did also use highlights and washes. All of the paints that I used will be listed at the end as I normally do for those interested (and for my own reference in the future should I need that information).

WIP Shots…

The Lesser Pumpkin Heads here all cleaned up and ready for priming.

I chose to “pre-base” the LPH on 3’4″ square steel bases for three reasons. First, so that I could more easily attach them to my poster tack covered specimen jars, second so that they would be easier to paint, and third to make it easier to affix the LPH to their final resting place – the 2″ square steel bases – done later in the process.

The LPH are primed in black here and are on the 3/4″ steel bases with a couple of 2″ square bases in front for reference.
Early painting progress on April 11th.

By April 17th, I had made some progress on the LPH.

April 17th progress.
By 4/20, the LPH regiment was done.

As you can see, the regiment has a lot of color – which will be better viewed in the next section. Some of these photo groups will be four image galleries and some three.

Eye Candy

Stand 1

Stand 2

Stand 3

Stand 4

Stand 5

Group shot…

That wraps up the Lesser Pumpkin Heads infantry. I also have a unique artillery unit of theirs next that I think you’ll enjoy. Thanks for taking a look and any feedback.

And yes, I still have more to come…

Miscellaneous details and references for those interested in that sort of thing:

For all of my previous posts on Wars of Ozz games, figures, units, and other related projects – please see this page.


  1. 2″ square steel base from Wargames Accessories (#21)
  2. 3/4″ square steel bases from Wargames Accessories (#A9)
  3. Gorilla Glue
  4. Poster tack
  5. Vallejo “Airbrush Thinner”
  6. Vallejo Mecha Surface Primer “Black”
  7. Vallejo Model Color “White”
  8. Citadel “Tesseract Glow”
  9. Vallejo Game Color “Moon Yellow”
  10. Battlefront “Gunship Green”
  11. Vallejo Mecha Color Green Blue”
  12. Citadel “Contrast Paint – Contrast Medium”
  13. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Pallid Bone”
  14. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Gravelord Grey”
  15. Tamiya “Orange”
  16. Vallejo Model Color “Light Orange”
  17. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Camo Cloak”
  18. Citadel “Contrast Paint – Striking Scorpion Green”
  19. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Highlord Blue”
  20. Citadel “Contrast Paint – Gryph-Hound Orange”
  21. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Hive Dweller Purple”
  22. Citadel “Contrast Paint – Magmadroth Flame”
  23. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Grim Black”
  24. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Absolution Green”
  25. Vallejo Model Air “Dark Steel”
  26. Vallejo Model Air “Light Steel”
  27. Vallejo Model Color “Wood Grain”
  28. Vallejo Model Air “Green Brown”
  29. Vallejo Model Air “Dark Brown”
  30. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Sand Golem”
  31. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Purple Alchemy”
  32. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Holy White”
  33. Army Painter “Mid Brown” (wash/shade)
  34. Army Painter “Green Tone” (wash/shade)
  35. PS Model Color “British Brown Drab”
  36. Elmer’s PVA Glue
  37. Vallejo “Flow Improver”
  38. Vallejo Mecha Varnish “Gloss Varnish”
  39. Vallejo Mecha Varnish “Matte Varnish”
  40. Army Painter “Battlefields Grass Green” (flocking)
  41. Army Painter “Battlefield Field Grass” (flocking)
  42. Army Painter “Battlefields Field Grass” (flocking)
  43. Army Painter “Battlefields Meadow Flowers” (flocking)
  44. Shadow’s Edge Miniatures “6mm Dark Forest Orange Tufts” (flocking)
  45. Gamer’s Grass “Orange Flowers” (flocking)
  46. Small stones (flocking)
  47. Small oak twigs (flocking)

Again, as you may want to check out the Wars of Ozz figures’ range – there are two places to get them (and I make no money from this btw). The game rules and the figures are available from the following two places:

In the US Old Glory has a site – Wars of Ozz Miniatures.

In the UK go to Sally 4th.

King Jack and the Great Pumpkin Heads of the Great Land of Harvest (Wars of Ozz)

Since I returned home from the HAVOC convention, I have been busy trying to complete a new faction for games of The Wars of Ozz. This faction will consist of several regiments from “The Great Land of Harvest” and features many anthropomorphic troops – especially of the garden variety. This post will focus on their leader, King Jack, and the scariest unit in Ozz – the Great Pumpkin Heads.

According to The Wars of Ozz the Great Land of Harvest was spared the destructive forces of the Last Great War – primarily because of the need to protect its fertile lands…

However, the same could not be said for the inhabitants. Madness bombs, plague gases, and mutagenic viruses were unleashed on soldiers and civilians alike. By the time the war ended, the natives of the Great Land of Harvest were twisted and raving mockeries of what they once had been…Most of the mutations were grotesqueries, little more than piles of mewling flesh that died quickly. Some clung on, just viable enough to survive for a few generations. Fewer still thrived. Most successful of these are the pumpkinheads. Were they once humans who developed bizarre pumpkin-like heads – or did the pumpkin plants suddenly stumble up on new legs, dumbfounded by their new forms? Nobody remembers and the pumpkinheads have no language to explain themselves, only wordless moans and roars. Still, they are intelligently wonderful mimics who learned how to survive and fight by watching and copying their neighbours…One among them developed the ability to speak and with that proclaimed himself the King of the Pumpkinheads…so the reign of King Jack began…under his guidance, the pumpkinheads have formed several organized warbands that he hires out to whatever general will hire them.

Wars of Ozz, section 2.6.2 The Great Land of Harvest, Page 42

The figures in this faction are wonderful – and I will be sharing several of them in separate posts. I’ll share a few WIP shots and then some eye candy. Given that all pumpkinheads needed a lot of orange, it made sense to combine the painting – so unusually for me – I simultaneously had King Jack and 4 of his units in various states of completion at the same time.

King Jack’s SKU# is OZZ504 (I bought the unmounted version) and can be seen here. For the Great Pumpkin Heads, The SKU# is OZZ505 and can be seen here. The figures come in multiple pieces (two pieces for the heads, a lower torso and two arms with various weapons). The unit consists of are 5 relatively large figures based on five 2″ square bases, but there is no Regimental Commander. The figures are metal – 28mm scale – but giants!

In the game, any unit fighting the Great Pumpkin Heads does so with a point loss of Resolve and Elan!

I’ll start with assembly of the figures and then move to describing the painting. I decided that I would work with subcomponents and then do a final assembly and touch up.

WIP shots…

The figures as received. King Jack is on the right.
I drilled out the torso bases so as to have a better fit for the giant heads. The bottoms of these holes would need to be sculpted with green stuff afterwards.
All figures washed and drying – you can see the holes in the torsos.

I then decided that I did not want the eyes to be simple vacant pits of darkness. The origin of the creatures of the Great Land of Harvest suggests some strange way that they were animated to life. To represent this, and for ALL of my future Harvest troops, I decided that glowing yellow-green eyes would look great. For the Great Pumpkinheads, that meant sculpting their eyes with green stuff before assembling them.

The green stuff eyes in place.

Under the torso holes, I also sculpted and shaped the wells to match the rest of the legs.

Here you see the resculpted torsos.

Usually I prime my figures with an airbrush and in white. This time, I brush primed them in black. I would then dry brush serially white then orange on the figures and keep the shape of the recesses of the pumpkin looking darker. Similarly, I could make sure that the arms and the legs looked the same. If I had assembled then painted – it would have been more difficult – especially given the weight of the heads.

I primed all except the eyes and the weapons which would come later. For King Jack, I just primed him with black all over.
Next, I brush primed the teeth and eyes in white, and the weapons in black. The arms and torso were primed in green.

Then it was time to give the teeth and the eyes some starting color.

Giving the teeth and eyes some starting color.

Once I assembled the heads – it was clear to me that I’d need to cover up some mold lines with green stuff. As these are big metal models, this task was not a surprise. I did my best to mirror the pumpkinheads shape and recesses. I’m not Roger, but I did try my best to do what I thought he’d do.

The pumpkinheads upside down showing the arm holes and the green stuff filling on the mold lines. The pointy sections are designed to go in the torso holes. After this, I brush applied a second coat of black primer.

After the primer had dried, I dry brushed with white then orange – Tamiya Orange – that I bought for one of my daughter’s school projects in 1996! (It was a Trojan horse diorama we built together).

Dry brushed white.

After the orange dried, I applied Army Painter Mid Brown wash, and then after that dried I highlighted the pumpkinheads with Vallejo Light Orange (I list all paints used at the end of the post for those who might want to know). Then I affixed the heads to the torsos and arranged a suitable mix of weapons/arms for variety.

Got heads and torsos now – need arms!

Then I attached the arms and removed the assembled figures from the specimen jars – and put them on 4″ square steel bases with Gorilla Glue.

Finally on bases.
Ready for varnish!

I airbrush varnished the figures with a gloss then a matte coat.

Varnished – but we need flocking they cry!

I used a lot of flocking for the bases (I love making bases complex).

Ready for eye candy!

King Jack was finished about the same time. He would need to go on an MDF base.

King Jack painted.

Now, for some…

Eye Candy…

King Jack

Stand 1

Stand 2

Stand 3

Stand 4

Stand 5

Regimental Shot

And yes, I still have more to come…

Miscellaneous details and references for those interested in that sort of thing:

For all of my previous posts on Wars of Ozz games, figures, units, and other related projects – please see this page.


  1. Green Stuff
  2. Gorilla Glue
  3. Regimental MDF base from Old Glory/Wars of Ozz Miniatures
  4. 2″ square steel base from Wargames Accessories (#21)
  5. Mounted Brigade Commander MDF base from Old Glory/Wars of Ozz Miniatures
  6. Elmer’s PVA Glue
  7. Reaper “09214 Black Primer”
  8. Vallejo Surface Primer “Russian Green”
  9. 1 1/4″ x 1″ steel base from Wargames Accessories (#FOW1)
  10. Poster tack
  11. Vallejo Mecha Surface Primer “White”
  12. Vallejo “Airbrush Thinner”
  13. Army Painter “Green Tone” (wash/shade)
  14. Citadel “Contrast Paint – Imperial Fist”
  15. Citadel “Tesseract Glow”
  16. Battlefront “Gunship Green”
  17. Vallejo Model Color “White”
  18. Battlefront “Black”
  19. Tamiya “Orange”
  20. PS Model Color “British Brown Drab”
  21. Vallejo Model Air “Green Brown”
  22. Vallejo Model Air “Dark Brown”
  23. Vallejo Model Air “Brown”
  24. Vallejo Model Air “Dark Steel”
  25. Citadel “Ironbreaker”
  26. Vallejo Model Air “Light Steel”
  27. Citadel “Nuln Oil GLOSS” (wash)
  28. Vallejo Game Color “Livery Green”
  29. Army Painter “Mid Brown” (wash/shade)
  30. Vallejo Game Air “Escorpena Green”
  31. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Grim Black”
  32. Army Painter “Speed Paint – Holy White”
  33. Citadel “Contrast Paint – Contrast Medium”
  34. Vallejo Model Color “Light Orange”
  35. Martha Stuart Crafts “Pale Bronze”
  36. Vallejo “Flow Improver”
  37. Vallejo Mecha Varnish “Gloss Varnish”
  38. Vallejo Mecha Varnish “Matte Varnish”
  39. Army Painter “Battlefields Grass Green” (flocking)
  40. Army Painter “Battlefield Field Grass” (flocking)
  41. Army Painter “Battlefields Field Grass” (flocking)
  42. Army Painter “Battlefields Meadow Flowers” (flocking)
  43. Shadow’s Edge Miniatures “6mm Dark Forest Orange Tufts” (flocking)
  44. Gamer’s Grass “Orange Flowers” (flocking)
  45. Small stones (flocking)
  46. Small oak twigs (flocking)

Again, as you may want to check out the Wars of Ozz figures’ range – there are two places to get them (and I make no money from this btw). The game rules and the figures are available from the following two places:

In the US Old Glory has a site – Wars of Ozz Miniatures.

In the UK go to Sally 4th.

My Wars of Ozz Meeting Engagement Game at HAVOC through the Eyes of One of my Players

At the HAVOC gaming convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts I ran four games – two Wars of Ozz and two Feudal PatrolTM games between March 31st and April 2nd. Hopefully shortly, I will be sharing some of my own pictures and a few links about HAVOC in future posts – BUT FIRST

My first Ozz game was on Friday night, and I had a full table of 6 players – all new first-timers to the game. During that game, one of my players, my friend Bradley Gosselin, took copious notes and photos of that game. I noticed him doing this and assumed that he wanted to really learn the rules. To my humble surprise, he said, no, he was hoping to do a battle report and that I would be welcome to using it in my blog! It’s not often that one of my players does me such an awesome honor – and so – thanks Brad – here is your wonderful report – I could not have done better!

Game Set Up

There were two brigades facing each other – Winkies and Munchkins. Each base/stand of troops or artillerist taken out is worth 1 point to the other side. The deployment is randomly determined.

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

So, in the end the Munchkins prevailed over the Winkies! Thanks Brad for all the work on this (and he might have more on other HAVOC games – stay tuned). The players had a good time and really picked up the rules quickly.

The game was quick and bloody (as it’s supposed to be). Though both sides did well – the Munchkins did a wee bit better.

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