Do you need figures – maybe for units for a game like Dragon Rampant or similar?  Or sci-fi?  Or you have something you need recast?  Maybe I can help!

I have often been approached as to selling some of the miniatures and output of my projects that appear in this blog.  I am open to this, and now through the wisdom of PayPal I can accommodate in most cases, and this would help fund future projects of mine

I most often cast figures (well, recast) from long-defunct lines and companies.  I have no desire to violate anyone’s intellectual property.  I started learning how to cast because I could never find enough figures to make up units of older figures that I found cool.  If I can buy from a manufacturer, I do, and I do not cast those.  I don’t keep inventory, but I do have all my molds.  I also can easily make molds.

I also have the ability to make molds and cast figures that others might want for their games.  I do not spin cast – I make molds and gravity cast using a mix of tin and lead, (though I am trying to reduce my use of lead).  Right now I use between 67-75% tin with the rest being lead, antimony, and probably some bismuth or other trace metals.  Needless to say, these are not for young children who may ingest any lead.

So, if you are interested in buying something, we can discuss!  Send me an email to with your interests, and timeframes.  I’ll be prompt in letting you know what I can do.