Our Garage+ Project – Week Nine Update

Last week (September 12-18, 2021) was unfortunately the slowest progress week to date. Gravel was spread under the new house deck location and some more asphalt was removed there as well. We also got our first plumber visit and a lot of action is happening that is not actual construction.

For example, we were able to get a visit from Door Systems of Worcester so that we could evaluate options and order a garage door. The bad news is that that door will take 3 months to arrive. COVID-19-related delays are a factor beyond anyone’s control.

The Victors measure for the gravel.
The gravel is placed.

This week should prove to be more active – Andy Cormier is back from vacation, so digging will recommence on the sewer line and the driveway. And much electrical work will be happening, with our service upgrade (needed for the new building demands and more) as well as some plumbing too.

Thanks for staying with me. I turned 59 this week, so I still believe that this project will get done before I turn 60!

Tabitha got me some practice foam golf balls – her favorite color – purple. Well, she also likes pink, but I’m glad she didn’t go down that route!

Hope to show you all more next week!

Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

18 thoughts on “Our Garage+ Project – Week Nine Update”

  1. Any progress is good progress Mark, as it’s all too easy to have weeks where nothing happens, look forward to seeing next weeks progress.
    Hope you had a great birthday !

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  2. Happy birthdady for this week Mark- hope you had a great time.

    COVID has impacted the construction/ building industry here too- I was talking to my neighbour about it and they are seeing prices double.



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  3. I’m sorry mate but i had to laugh at your typo that no one seemed to notice !! bugger me I’m amazed no one picked up on it ! 59, instead of 49 ! I even got my girls around to confirmed what i was thinking and they all agree with me !
    Anyway happy birthday mate, what ever age yo feel! I’m 66 or is that 56 ! what the the Hell i’ll feel that age I wont to! Anyway mate i’m sure it was fantastic having that beautiful young lass with you celebrating your day!
    Cheers Pat and Family .

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  4. Happy Birthday, Mark!
    Shocked to see them working on your house as ell, but I’ve been out for a little while and about to work backwards. Hope you had a good one, and all the best of luck in getting it done before you hit 60 as well! 😀


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