Our Garage+ Project – Week Eight Update

The project continues into week #8. This week, with Labor Day on Monday, was a short one, but work did get done. If you remember, this project also includes work on our back yard, driveway, and back deck. This is the deck attached to the house – as opposed to the one attached to the garage. It will be bigger and more functional than the current one. Foot traffic into the house will be rerouted and the driveway reconfigured here.

A longitudinal view of the existing house deck on Tuesday. Access will be rerouted as you will see below.
Lateral view of the existing house deck on Tuesday. We had some flowers here but did not really do much gardening-wise here this year as the renovation was coming. I say “we” but that is Lynn’s purview – not mine…she does that work (as she would tell you). She’s actually superb at landscaping. And mowing the lawn – but that’s because she forbids me to do it. Seriously!
The plan for the house deck as seen from a CGI view of the new deck off of the new garage building – though the decking color plan is for gray not brown. In addition to the new access means to the back door, we also will be adding paving stones to make walkways connecting the two buildings (not shown here).

Given the amount of previous work done, there was a need to reorganize the site a bit on Tuesday September 7th and Wednesday September 8th. Excess materials were returned for credit and site trash and leftover pieces of “stuff” (shingles, lumber, plywood, etc.) were picked up and carted away.

Tuesday morning saw Ready Installs loading up the excess roofing shingles for credit.

On September 9th, work on the back deck went into high gear. It was removed and carted away.

Rail removal on the house deck.
The decking is removed and now the joists and end plates are ready to go.
Deck is gone!

Surprisingly, there was an old asphalt landing under the dirt here that I found while removing a decades worth of leaves that had blown through the lattice found a home under our mudroom!

Cleaned up and ready for the piers. Note the old found asphalt landing.
Lateral view with deck removed.
View towards the new garage building.

On Thursday September 9th, the father and son team from Ready Installs (Jon and Jonny Victor) measured for the new piers for the house deck. Later on Thursday, it rained a lot – AGAIN.

Meanwhile Mike Astrella (electrician) was busy getting light positions chosen, as well as working on the rough electrical for both the upstairs and downstairs of the new building.

On Friday, I made a few supply runs to Home Depot in Auburn and EW Electrical Wholesalers in Worcester to get overlooked electrical supplies and materials.

Hitting Home Depot!

Also on Friday, the house deck piers arrived.

Piers being moved to the back by Cormier’s crew. This view is from the new building so you can tell it’s quite tall.

On Saturday, September 11th, the piers were installed and backfilled.

That’s the progress for the week of September 5-11. We are getting there. Hope that you are enjoying these summaries!

Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

22 thoughts on “Our Garage+ Project – Week Eight Update”

  1. OHH Mate ! exciting stuff, Alright, sorry mate just call me the child! a number of questions, 1st, ok you uses those giant piers on the big deck so why do you need them on what we would call a landing, my only thinking is you have a lake and the ground is unstable! 2. what is a mud room! 3. when you say shingles I feel they are a modern style , not like the ones one would have found on Daniel Boone’s cabin. Now for the stupid one, both the houses on either side of you have shutters , I wouldn’t have though you would need them unless you get really hot summers, and they look to small to do that kind of work , but I had to ask!!
    Tell Lynn she isn’t alone, Jill has mowed all the lawns we have had in the three houses we have owned since marrying 41 years ago, I have finally got a gardener to do it now as the block is to large even for her!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Great questions and comments all Pat, thanks for them, and I’ll do my level best to answer but if I don’t let me know. On 1, the ground is quite stable here – as you can see lots of nice sand that goes down deep. The building codes determine the depth and that is a function of the frost level here. The deck will act as a landing, but is an extended one if you will. 2. A mud room is a small room where you take off or put on your shoes and boots when you come into or are leaving the house so you don’t drag mud and snow onto your otherwise clean floors and rugs. 3. Not sure about the shingles question – we used asphalt roofing shingles, which Daniel Boone would not have ever seen! 4. Shutters here are decorative only and usually not functional unless you buy a house over 150 years old. I’ll tell Lynn she has a lawn pal down under! The good news for Lynn is that there will be a lot less lawn to mow after we’re done, though she will have a ball landscaping with flowers as she loves that. And she can always have me mow – she just prefers doing it. I’m a lucky dude! Hope I answered your questions – how’d I do?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get at least one good BBQ on either deck before the winter starts to kick in.

    It is looking great, and even with the short week seeing progress must put a grin on your face.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate those wishes of luck Anthony. It might be possible on the house deck anyways – the garage deck is going to be for hanging out. The biggest challenge now is materials shortages due to COVID. But winter here can come early or late – always a guessing game in Massachusetts. I am smiling as I really see the possibilities here – and it will get done!

      Liked by 1 person

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