Aztec Temple Sentinel Tower & a Challenge Update

In this post I will share my latest MDF kit build for Feudal Patrol games in Mesoamerica (using my Civilizations Collide supplement). I was able to finish off another Aztec-inspired MDF kit. This one also came from from Things From the Basement via 4Ground via Badger Games (see it here). It is called Temple Sentinel Tower and is scaled for 28mm figures – and is just what it is described as being – a Temple Sentinel Tower which would be a nice piece of high ground for some missile troops.

This is part of “Mark’s Aztec Building Challenge Contest” (which you will read more about shortly in this blog post), as well as the April painting challenge from Ann’s Immaterium called Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own” challenge.

The kit as received.

It was an enjoyable kit to build. This one had a few challenges for the build as I needed to make sure that I could paint the inside of the tower as well as dust it up with chinchilla dust as I have been doing. I want all these cityscape Temple structures to match in character – and in color and texture. Basically, as you will see, I broke the kit into two parts until final assembly.

The kit after wiping down with a moist microfiber cloth. The instructions were good.
First day of assembly and setting up with PVA, rubber bands, and clamps.
The lower tower section is on the left – and the top here has been left to work on separately with paint and chinchilla dust as I have previously described (see this page). Having steel washers around held as weights with PVA gluing.
The tower sections awaiting base coating after dusting up with the chinchilla dust and watered down PVA slurry.
The sections after the base coat was applied and the dry brushing of the textures. The red, black, and yellow colors were painted after the dry brushing.

The finished Temple Sentinel Tower next to my previous MDF builds. I put a few missile troops up in the tower as examples.
Different angle view.
An Aztec veteran with an atlatl peers out while a macuahuitl-armed comrade guards the ladder access. A sling-armed novice is at the top of the ladder.
A close up of a bowman (front) and another slinger (left) in the tower.

I think this came out well – what do you think?

For the other pieces in the building contest, I was also able to airbrush a decent base coat on my remaining resin structures, as well as to start on the ground cover on their styrene bases.

The remaining resin structures – I have a good start on them.

This now leaves me with two more MDF builds – the Temple High Throne and the Sacrificial Altar – in addition to the resin. These are going to take a back seat to finishing the resin pieces. This is because as I have more paint on order to properly finish them similarly to my previous MDF kits. I have found that I’m going though a good amount of paints and washes (chinchilla dust and MDF can be thirsty).

I have also tried to show you, dear readers, the progress in my challenge in a non-award-winning video on IGTV and Instagram (well it hasn’t won yet, so there’s hope…).

My main communications channel is THIS BLOG! But, I’m just trying to keep up with the young ‘uns like IRO. It’s a bit of an unscripted thing – so enjoy! Without any further ado – here is the video link live from my cellar (that I cannot put on WordPress without paying more $$).

So as for the contest – I have a shot below that shows the range of guesses:

The contest IS ON! Who will win?

We’ve got American, Aussie, and Brit entries (what’s up with the rest of the world?). Thanks to all for entering and best of luck – and follow my progress (and your chances) here! The average is May 19th, with Azazel the earliest on 4/24/2021 and Ann the latest on 6/30/2021. Hell, your guesses are as good as mine at this point for sure.

A couple of small side notes. I was quite surprised and happy to see that 4Ground featured my work on their Facebook page – here is that Facebook link – and much thanks to our pal Kuribo who let me know on the blog that he saw it. Also, this marks my 30th post on this subject – and while I’m happy about the progress I’ve made – the listing of all the posts is getting to be a bit much (never mind approving all the WordPress pingbacks that this generates).

So, I’ve added a new selection on my main menu (“Gaming & Hobby Areas of Interest”), and under that will be individual genre selections. I’ve started with a page with a list of and links to all of my Mesoamerican posts called “Aztec, Conquistador, and Mesoamerican Hobby Projects Posts” – and I will (over time) be augmenting it with other stuff, such as retro sci-fi, France 1940, Normandy, etc. But I won’t get to that for a while – I’ll be focusing here on the Aztec stuff! I’ll still add the paints and materials section as before, mostly for my own references.

Thanks for looking and I hope that you can check out the video link and no matter what – let me know what you think of the tower – or my accent – or my graying hair – or whatever.

For all of my previous posts on games, units, and other projects for my 16th Century Spanish Conquest supplement for Feudal Patrol™ – “Civilizations Collide” – please see this page.


  1. Elmer’s PVA Glue
  2. Poster tack
  3. Plastic Plates
  4. All Living Things Dry Dust Bath (chinchilla dust)
  5. Vallejo “Flow Improver”
  6. Vallejo “Airbrush Thinner”
  7. Vallejo Model Air “Sand (Ivory)”
  8. Vallejo Game Air “Desert Yellow”
  9. Vallejo Model Color “Dark Sand”
  10. Citadel “Ushabti Bone”
  11. DecoArt “Light Buttermilk”
  12. Vallejo Model Air “Wood”
  13. Vallejo Model Color “Red”
  14. Craftsmart “Black”
  15. Citadel “Yriel Yellow”
  16. Army Painter “Light Tone” (wash)
  17. Vallejo Game Air “Ivory”

Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

34 thoughts on “Aztec Temple Sentinel Tower & a Challenge Update”

  1. The tower looks a great match for the other items Mark and is equally splendid. Listened to the video and would say it came out well, I’m envious of your basement space too! Looking back at some of my old notes when I first used chinchilla dust and I am reminded that I painted using slightly diluted internal houshold emulsion. Jus bought the small match pots. They were cheap, had good coverage and they work very well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a bunch TIM, glad now you’ve been dragged into my basement (as it were). I have landed on a 50/50 PVA and water mix. It seems to work ok – from a workability standpoint I found that if a mix is too watery or too tacky it won’t get the job done. And yet again my vocabulary is challenged! (In a good way). I’m assuming a match pot is like a salt shaker?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. In the UK our DIY stores sell 5 litre tins of indoor emulsion paint. To help you decide on the colour you want you can buy small sample pots (match pots as they are known to some). From a modelling perspective they contain a lot of paint. If you can’t find the colour you want then obviously you can mix the paints and adding a modest amount of water makes application and coverage easier too. Worked well on chinchilla dust I found.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Interesting and enlightening approach. I have been using a clear plastic and sealable specimen jar (one of my hundred or so samples that I have from a job and a company that ended in 1997!) to mix and safely store the glue/water mix long term. I’ve been putting on the glue, then dusting, tapping off excess, and after drying (which doesn’t take long) repeating the process on bare areas. Then I’ve airbrushed over the dust with acrylic, then serially dry brush. Lastly, added the light tone wash until I’m happy and the looks match. If I need I can then stipple or dry brush over any spots that got too dark.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. The tower looks great and fits in perfectly with the rest of the scenery. You say the two products are soaking up a lot of paint, have you tried spraying PVA glue over the dust once it’s stuck on to form a barrier, or you could try varnish as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Dave, good ideas. I do think that given the size of these pieces versus a single 28mm figure that that is to be expected. On the downside, I would am using more paint and wash, but the gritty effect is my main goal and the big upside. I don’t want to diminish that effect, and I use two coats of AP light tone which gets me the desired “sandstone” color. And I don’t need to varnish so that’s a saved step too.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This looks amazing. You’ve managed to get the same look across multiple painting sessions, which if you are blending your own colours can be tricky, but you have nailed it. All the terrain looks unified and really stands out. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the project as you complete it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Anthony. You might have noticed that I list my paints on each project blog. That helps me remember and repeat a color scheme, especially if I jump around and need to add something back in. A bit of extra work that has been useful for me.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I actually think keeping a painting log, or even basing colour log is a great idea. something to refer to if you take a hiatus from a period, or add more forces or terrain at a later stage. Something I need to add to my posts when I show finished stuff, for my own record. So I will be definitely stealing this idea.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. This is another nice batch of terrain to get finished and it is going to look great with the other stuff you’ve shown recently. Its nice to see you’re on Instagram as well. I’m going to go give you a follow right now!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Kuribo and I hope you liked my cinematic debut, as poorly executed as it was I think it got the point across and I may do that again. I still am figuring out Instagram and IGTV, but the blog is still my anchor. Appreciate the follow and I am following you as well now!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I haven’t appeared on video anywhere on the internet before so I commend you on your bravery! I am the same way with my blog being the anchor. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more content from you on there and here!

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Having done a personal risk/threat assessment I’ve decided you’re on your own when it comes to discussing “clutter” with your wife ! 😉 I’m generally not a video person, but sometimes it needs videos to get across messages that can’t be easily expressed any other way. I can’t multi-task and need reading glasses to paint figures etc. so that’s why I don’t play videos/podcasts while I’m painting (I can either paint or watch/listen to the video, but not both). For the same reason, I’m quite happy to watch short videos (say 5 – 10 minutes worth) if I’m in the mood but I generally prefer to read stuff, probably because I can read quite fast and it tends to stick in my memory better. But a lot of people like videos and making them is less demanding on your own time, so if you like doing them then just go for it!

        Liked by 2 people

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