Where do Star Ducks and Frinx Come from? Archive Miniature’s 1981 Star Rovers Game of course!

Having recently discovered how cool the miniatures from Archive Miniatures “Star Rovers” line was – I was interested in getting a copy of the game.  Thanks to eBay, I got a brand new one at a reasonable price.

It was an sci-fi RPG from 1981.  While it was “Module 1”, I do not believe that any other modules were printed.

1 Star Rovers Box front
Cover of Box
2 Star Rovers Box back
Back of Box


The game looks pretty cool – and there was a lot of cool artwork.  As I have been amassing Archive Miniature Star Rovers figures like Star Ducks and Power-Armored Frinx, I am hoping that reading the game will help me.  Also, there was an original Archive catalog in mint condition in the box as well.


3 Star Rovers Box contents
Game contents


4 Star Rovers Armored Frinx on glyptodon
Artwork – Power-Armored Frinx on Glyptodon
5Star Rovers Power Armored Frinx
Power-Armored Frinx
6 Star Rovers Artwork 1
More Artwork
7 Star Rovers Artwork 2
Nice spread
8 Archive 1981 catalogue
Archive Catalogue
10 Archive 1981 catalogue SR 1
Star Rovers Miniatures Listing, part 1
11 Archive 1981 catalogue SR 2
Star Rovers Miniatures listing, part 2

Author: Mark A. Morin

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5 thoughts on “Where do Star Ducks and Frinx Come from? Archive Miniature’s 1981 Star Rovers Game of course!”

  1. The Frinx are cool – (with an F not a Ph!) – notice that you could get them back then for $.85 (Star Ducks too). The game is really nice aesthetically too. Some of them are selling for a lot, but of course getting a buyer at the high prices is not easy. Given that you are making Frinx and Duck legions I wanted you to see this. Not sure why the Frinx would be riding a glyptodon but that indeed was one of the figures Archive came out with. I would love to GM a Star Rovers campaign someday, but not likely soon.


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