WOODCON & HARCON – gaming with the HAWKS in Maryland

I was fortunate to be able to meet with Dave Wood for a couple days in Abingdon, MD (let’s call it WOODCON) and with Buck Surdu at the Harford, MD HARCON in the last week of April.  To round out the month of April, what could be better than getting together with friends and getting some gaming in?  Plus, I got to deliver to both the miniatures that I had been casting for them that have been discussed extensively in this blog.  Dave got Roomans and crossbows, while Buck got Star Ducks, Power-Armored Frinx, Roomans, and crossbows.  I also supplied him with an Apple watch box and an iPhone box for his sci-fi Combat Patrol project.

Dave and I started out with a game that we had played probably dozens of times back when we were roommates at West Point.  It was the old Avalon Hill game Victory in the Pacific.  Its a board game simulating the naval conflicts in World War II.  I played the Japanese, and lost to Dave in the last turn, but it was a nice time.

The next day, we started by getting in a fantasy game with Romans defending against a horde of Orcs, Goblins, Minotaurs, and some other bad guys.  I wanted some more experience with the Bear Yourselves Valiantly rules, and Dave was happy to help.  I took the bad guys side.  The highlight of the game was being able to use a spell on an Orc ballista which was then able to hit his overall Roman Army Commander.  Luckily, Dave was able to get that commander safely out of the way of the ballista, so he lived.   Dave’s Roman Legions did a number on my Minotaurs, while my Goblins and wargs had better luck with his Roman Auxiliaries.  We called it early (I think Dave would have prevailed easily) so we could get in some game play with Buck’s Combat Patrol rules.

1 04282016 BYV Dave Wood
Dave surveys the battlefield and prepares his defense


2 04282016 BYV Initial part of battle
Starting positions – Romans on left
3 04282016 BYV Roman Legion vs Minotaurs
Dave’s Roman Legion dispatches the Minotaurs
4 04282016 BYV Roman Legion Commander hit by Orc Ballista
The Orc Ballista hits the Roman Army Commander (with the help of a spell)
5 04282016 BYV Minotaurs repulsed by the Roman Legion and melee in middle
Melee in the Middle
6 04282016 BYV Roman Auxiliary Commander finds himself swarmed by warg riding goblins
The Roman Auxiliary Commander faces an Onslaught of Goblins on Wargs


The scenario we used for the Combat Patrol game was Boers versus Zulus.  I took the Boers, and it was a great skirmish game.  While I own these rules and the card decks, I had not yet played with the.  My hats off to Buck and Chris Palmer on putting together a really nice system.

Here, I was able to hold off the Zulus, although not without casualties.  In fairness, Dave did give me a substantial advantage in forces.


Boers hold the line against Zulus
8 04282016 CBT PTRL ZULU MELEE 2
The Boers Survey the Carnage


The last thing that Dave and I got to play was another Victory in the Pacific game, with  us swapping sides from the previous game.  As the Americans, I was able to win.  We both feel that the Americans have an advantage in the game, which is counter to what you might see in the Wikipedia entry!  Anyways, thanks Dave for a great time, and thanks Brenda for letting me borrow Dave!

Of course, I also have to thank Dave as he loaded me up with some great Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures (that eventually I will paint!), and a few others.

9 04282016 VITP
Dave plays the Japanese Empire in Game 2



On Saturday I attended the HARCON with the HAWKS.  It was great to hang out with Buck again, and the Muskets and Tomahawks game (French and Indian War skirmish) was a blast.  I got to play twice.  As you can see, the tabletop was phenomenal!

The first game I had three groups of Iroquois (British allies) who had to raid a trading post and burn down half of the buildings (there were three so hmmm).  I went up against Kurt, who luckily for me did not get his Huron allies until later in the game.  Still, he conducted a great defense and I only burned down one building.  Great GM’ing by Don!

Between games, there was a nice seminar about game design with Buck, Chris, and Zeb.  That was very interesting!

The second game was against Eric, and I took the French side.  That game come down to a final roll, where Eric charged my French officer with the Iroquois sachem and another Iroquois warrior.  I had one other French figure left, and my office pulled a rabbit out of his hat and died dispatching the attackers.  Here, Kurt was a great GM!

It was a great day and thanks again to the HAWKS who made me feel welcome yet again!

1 04302016 Buck with Star Ducks, Frinx, and Roomans
Buck gets his Star Ducks, Power-Armored Frinx, and Roomans
2 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks battlefield
Muskets and Tomahawks Tabletop
3 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks battlefield 2
Great Looking Waterfall!
5 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks Melee at the fence
My Iroquois attempt to flank the French in the first game
6 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks French push Iroquois back
After a close assault, my Iroquois take some lead
7 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks Fight around first building
My Iroquois got around the building and ignited it, but the French fought back
8 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks Building burns
The building is burned!
9 04302016 HARCON Muskets & Tomahawks 2nd game French repulse Iroquois
In game 2 against Eric, the French save the trading post!

Author: Mark A. Morin

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