Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my blog readers and followers!

As 2018 comes near to a close, and with Christmas nearly upon us, I wanted to wish all of my readers and followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  You have all been so supportive of this blog, which is a big part of my hobby work.

So, please know that I appreciate all of you from all over the world who take the time to read my blog and to share your feedback.  And you know who you are, to include  Azazel, Buck, IRO, Roger, Subedai, Alex, JNV, Faust, Dave, Pete, Tichy, maenoferren22, Alexis, Le Bim, Wudugast, The One, theuniversalgardener, theimperfectmodeler, savageddt, Luke, redcaer1690, Matt, reductivetendency, patmcf,  backtothehammer, and many, many others (and I hope I got most of you – if not apologies).

I am so grateful for your blogs as well.  I aim to not only share my work but to amuse and inspire you, as you inspire me.  If I get you to chuckle or say “wow”, I have hit my target.

As you can see from my hobby tally, I had a very productive year, and I hope to add to my total before year’s end.  Of course, I need to get in some golf posts once in a while, but that will have to wait until April at least as I do live in New England!

I hope that I make you smile a bit over the years with this blog – and while I cannot send a beer or a glass of wine (or a pint for you Brits, Aussies, Kiwis!), I do send my best wishes and a card below.  Please keep on reading – I aim to keep it going in 2019!


Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

31 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my blog readers and followers!”

  1. Thanks for the mention Mark, always enjoy your posts! Hope you and all of the family enjoy Christmas and all the best for 2019! Looking forward to seeing what else you get painted this year – I’m not sure I’ll get anything else done, but you never know.

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  2. Well matey it’s been a great year although I’ve have not even been a member of our group for a year yet but I feel pretty chuffed to be included and like yourself really like to get the positive feedback from you and the guys ,makes it all worth while . Yeah we have to have the laughs so thanks mate and I also like the variations of what we all do it certainly broadens ones horizons ,and I have certainly picked up some invaluable tricks since joining in. So mate enjoy the festive season with your lovely mob and I look forward to seeing what you produce in the new year .

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  3. All the very best to you, your Wife, Daughter and anyone else I have missed, many thanks for the mention, it’s always a joy to visit here, your enthusiasm is infectious!

    Also, I love the fact that you have characters from “Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer” in your chest! I’m a huge fan of that and “Mad Monster Party”.

    Oh but I think you might need a bigger turkey, that one ain’t gonna feed the family!! 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Thanks Roger, that’s Caesar, our Aussie refugee (well, a descendant anyways). FYI, he gets turkey, lobster, clams, and whatever else he wants. He’s pretty awesome, and can sing jingle bells…haphazardly. Hell, he’s 24! That’s old for a cockatiel!

      Hohoho 🎅🏻!

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  4. Happy belated Xmas to you and yours. I very much enjoy our blogging community just for the variety of output from all and sundry. My highlight from your blog this year was probably the narrative battle you put on though the self casts were also impressive

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  5. Hope you had a great Christmas! That’s an awesome card! Sorry, I’m just getting caught up on all the blogging stuff, but that just means I have so much good stuff ahead for me to read! 😉

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