“Bonnie”, Reaper Chronoscope fighter

This blog is about the second figure that I painted for Chris Smedile’s birthday.  It is a 28mm Reaper Chronoscope figure, “Bonnie” (#80025) sculpted by Julie Guthrie in 2015 or 2016.  This was a challenging project mainly as I have so little experience in this type of fashion (if it can be called that).  This is also my first “Reaper Bones” figure (resin) as all my others have mainly been metal.  You can see the website link for it here.

0 Bonnie jpeg
From the Reaper website

I noticed that the figure had visible mold lines, which I tried to remove with an Exacto knife and some light sanding.  Then, I decided to apply a wash with Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” over the figure so as to see the details better.

2 Bonnie front
After wash, front
1 Bonnie Back
After wash, rear view

I initially had a struggle trying to have a vision for this figure.  Basically, she is a well-armed (probably overly-armed) post-apocalyptic warrior or perhaps a zombie hunter.  After looking at her attire, I decided that she needed to have a bright comic book look – after all, who wears this in the apocalypse?  Also, early on I was not so enamored of the details (or lack of details) that were molded on her face.  I ended up thinking about it a bit – and eventually going with a patent leather and purple/pink/violet and glossy black theme.

First, I base-coated the figure.  I began with her flesh, using P3 “Midland Flesh”.  I used Citadel “Ceramite White” for the whites of her eyes, and Americana “Ebony” for the pupils.

For her midriff vest/leather armor,  I used Americana “Slate Gray”.  Regarding her socks, halter top, and wrist wraps (I’m sure there is a name for them but hey, my fashion sense is limited!), I broke open my Americana “Bubblegum Pink”.  I did not like the solid pink look on the  top and the wrist wraps, so I mixed that with a little Americana “Vivid Violet” and “Dioxazine Purple” and that seemed to work better.  For her hot pants (or shorty-shorts if you’re Larry the Cable Guy), I went with a very distinctive purple – Americana “Dioxazine Purple”.  I gave her boots and straps a patent leather appearance with Armory “Gloss Black”.  I decided that her hair should be black, so I went with Americana “Ebony” and a Citadel “Nuln Oil” wash.  I gave her some hair highlights in with the three colors – “Vivid Violet”, “Dioxazine Purple”, and “Bubblegum Pink”.

For her two submachine guns, I applied Vallejo “Gun Metal”, which I also used for the triggers on her two sawed-off shotguns in holsters on her back.  I painted the handles of the shotguns with Armory “Musket Brown”, followed by Vallejo “Wood”.  For the base, I used Americana “Zinc”.

I moved on to some finer details and shading.  I drybrushed her boot laces with “Bubblegum Pink”.  I used Secret Weapons Washes “Armor Wash” to shade the submachine guns and her midriff armor.  I highlighted the guns with “Gun Metal”. I washed her flesh with a light use of Citadel “Reikland Fleshshade” .  Also I highlighted her ribbed sock tops with “Dioxazine Purple”.  For her bottom lips and the inside of her mouth, I chose Polly-S “Demon Deep Red”.

3 Bonnie initial basecoat
Initial base coating, highlights, and shading, front of Bonnie 
3 Bonnie initial basecoat, back
Initial base coating, highlights, and shading, back of Bonnie 

As you can see above, Bonnie looks pretty tan, and I felt as if she needed to look a little less of a tanning booth patron.  So, I lightened up her skin by mixing in P3 “Ryn Flesh” with some “Midland Flesh”.  I also tried to clean her up overall in a number of small fixes.  I used Americana “Slate” to highlight the base, gave it a wash of Secret Weapons Washes “Heavy Body Black”, and painted the washer on the bottom “Ebony”.

4 Bonnie base coated, prevarnish, front
Before varnish, front
5 Bonnie base coated, prevarnish, back
Before varnish, back

I then gave the figure two coats of Testors “Dullcoat”, allowing for adequate drying between steps.

6 Bonnie finished (blurry)
Bonnie completed, frontal view
7 Bonnie finished back
Bonnie completed, rear view


8 Bonnie finished side
Bonnie, aiming at you!

Overall, I thought the figure came out ok.  I was disappointed at the lack of facial details, especially as this was a Julie Guthrie figure, but perhaps that is a function of the resin.  The mold lines were harder to cut and sand than I would have thought.  I would use Bones figures again, but I am still preferential to metal.

The good news is that Chris like it, and I hope that he has a lot of great gameplay with it!





Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

6 thoughts on ““Bonnie”, Reaper Chronoscope fighter”

  1. Nice painting on the fig, I’ve heard a couple of times now (at various places) that the detail can be a little soft on some of the bones figures, I can see the advantages on larger fig’s (and the price!), I’ve never painted one myself (though my son has a few he hasn’t painted yet), but I’m a metal lover at heart, I just find it a nicer medium to work with over resin and plastic myself.

    I personally love the Resident Evil films, yes Mila’s costumes are not really that practical but would you rather watch her fighting the apocalypse in a padded boiler suit? That’s what I thought…

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I’m a metal guy too, to include casting. Got a pretty large inventory of unpainted stuff ( and when you cast you get more!😁). Agree, better to paint metal! Now I have to learn what a padded boiler suit is – must be a Brit thing?


      1. Sorry a “boiler suit” is a British term for what I guess you’d call an overall and a padded one would be like the bomb disposal guys wear, not very flattering to the shapelier figure I would imagine. Though I’d take Mila in a trash sack!!

        Cheers Roger.


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