Ziterdes Firewalls


I completed another project that I needed for my game War Must Be.  In the game, there are General Spells.  Among these spells is Wall of Flame.

Wall of Flame Spell Card

Luckily, I found a listing at Noble Knight Games (or possibly on their eBay site) for 6 Ziterdes Fire Walls that would serve my purposes well.  They were resin (not metal).  Ziterdes makes very high quality German hobby products, and Noble Knight games has many of them for sale.

Ziterdes Fire Walls in package 
I soaked them in dish soap and cleaned them with a toothbrush (something I learned from Chris Palmer – thank you Chris!).  I had cut several bases out of 1/8″ plywood with my scroll saw so I used these for mounting the Walls of Flame.  I also mounted two 1″ steel washers to the underside of each base for magnetic attachment in my storage boxes.  I painted the bases with Americana “Jungle Green”.


Walls of Flame mounted
Then, I used up the last of my Armory “Red” from 1996 to base coat the walls.  I had wanted to use my Armory “Scarlet” as well but that had become unusable after 20 years!


After that dried, I then applied Americana “Primary Red”, followed later by a wash with Secret Weapons Washes “Ruby”.  After that I highlighted the walls with Citadel “Wild Rider Red”.

After base coat

I thought it appropriate to use some of my German 1986 Deka-Lak “Gelb” (Yellow) for flame highlights with a drybrushing technique (after all these are a German product).  For the middle part of the flames, I used Tamiya “Orange X-6”.  Then I washed them sequentially with Secret Weapons Washes “Just Red” and “Ruby”, allowing both to dry in between.  I thought the bottom of the flames needed a deeper red, so I went back to using Americana “Simply Red” as a highlight at the lower end of the flames.

I second-guessed my use of green for the bases.  Would not all the organic material at the base of a Wall of Flame be burned? Therefore, I went with Americana “Ebony/Lamp Black”.

The 6 before varnish
Close up before varnish

For varnishing, I went with Krylon “Clear Glossy” as I wanted the walls to be as bright as possible.

Final product!
I am very happy with how these came out. They really “pop”!


I will use them as walls of flame, and also potentially as fireballs for my wizards, discharges from flame weapons and even as breaths of flames for dragons.  My Fire Breathing Salamanders will use them as well!

Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

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