The Athelfrog’s Castle and Gurads – memories and stuff I save (and how Buck Surdu started this whole Gurads/Ducks thing)

While I was looking for the original picture that Buck just posted about (“The Final Act”), I found an original printout from the USMA computer lab (same paper with the green and white striped backing) of The Athelfrog’s Castle, by Buck Surdu.  This was the first Tunnels & Trolls game I ever played, with Buck as the GM.

I have been reading through it and laughing a lot – wishing we could go back at this oldie but goodie campaign.

The pages are perforated but still not torn apart.  I imagine Buck printed this off under the nose of the “gold coats” (the old computer lab assistants).  See back then, there were only mainframes for us to use and we had to go to the computer lab!

The old printer matrix from back then is funny to see!  But wait, here also is the debut of the Gurad!

Except from Cover – note Surdu Specific Monster 1

Here is the interesting part from the room where they appeared – read and enjoy!!

Where do Gurads Come From Daddy?



Anyways, I also found rules Buck wrote for clerics, special equipment, weapons expertise, and more for Tunnels and Trolls.  He’s still at it – now with multiple publications over the last  including Combat Patrol ™ which is a pretty cool system.  His creativity and imagination are truly great and personally inspiring – if only he was closer to Massachusetts!  Thanks for the memories Buck!

AND please check Combat Patrol™ out at – worth a look!

Author: Mark A. Morin

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