Archive 2103 “Macron” Molding & Casting

A couple of figures that I saw on eBay caught my eye.  They were retro-looking astronauts/cosmonauts that had no provenance.  I could not tell that they were probably 54mm from the photo, but I did believe that they would be great for future sci-fi games.  They also looked fun to cast!

After a little research on Lost Mini’s Wiki  –  I found that these were Archive figures from a board game called Cosmic Encounter.

Originally these were Archive 2103, “Macron and the Mind”.


I do not have the brain figure, but I did have two Macrons.  I decided to mold them, thinking they could be “Space Giants”.

They were both in good shape.  I made a two-piece mold with Quick-Sil from Castaldo with one of the Macrons.  I made this mold rather tall to accommodate a large plug that would give the figures better detail.  I also experimented with using golf tees (that had “Merry Christmas Love Lynn” on them and an old pharma pen top for my mold opening.  I also added toothpicks for venting.

1 first half Macron Mold
Macron mold – first half


The mold desighn worked fine, and I was able to cast 24 satisfactory examples with a mix of 67% tin and 33% lead at 565° F.  The mold did not need much tapping at all which was great.  They did use up a lot of metal though relative to smaller figures, as one would expect.

3 Cast Macrons Mold
24 Macrons


I sent off half to Buck Surdu, and I kept the rest.  I am looking forward to getting them painted soon!

Author: Mark A. Morin

This site is where I will discuss stuff that I find interesting and that includes family, friends, golf, gaming, and Boston sports!

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