This is how to celebrate a Birthday!

This post is a little late!  Lynn and I celebrated her birthday on June 12th by heading up to Hampton Beach, NH.  This was our first trip back up there in several years, but it was a lot of fun.

We hung out at the beach for several hours, taking advantage of Lynn’s new beach umbrella.  This kept us from roasting.  I did hit the water briefly, but it was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit so when I could not feel anything in my legs I went back.  We walked around the area – and it was pretty amazing that so much has been improved in terms of parking, signage, bath houses, etc.  The old casino was the same with its many arcades, shops, etc.  But again, it seemed less worn down than the last time we were there.

On the way home, had to hit Brown’s in Seabrook, NH.  Had a couple of 2.5 lb. lobsters and a quart of steamers each.

Now that's a lobster!
Now that’s a lobster!

On the way in we were surprised to run into Jim Herndon’s mother and his sister who were up from Leominster, MA.  Small world!

Need to get back up there again soon – or so Lynn tells me!

Author: Mark A. Morin

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