Archive 2206, “Armando Garcia, Texican Space Ranger”

I acquired another group of Archive figures from their long-defunct “Star Rovers” line.  One of them was 2206, “Armando Garcia, Texican Space Ranger”.  Armando had a jet pack and a blaster or laser rifle (and a huge sombrero).  He also had a partner, Travis B. Crokit, another Texican Space Ranger.  On page 5.03 of the Star Rovers Module 1 game rules, there is a nice drawing of both of them and some other characters.

1a Armando Garcia in game
Texican Space Rangers Travis B. Crokit (back turned) and Armando Garcia from the Star Rovers Rules


At the time of the mold making for Armando, I did not yet have Travis, but I do now.  He is quite cool as well, and wears goggles – looking like Doc Brown from Back to the Future!  He will eventually be the subject of one of my molding projects as well.

1 Armando Garcia master front
Original Armando Garcia Figure, front


2 Armando Garcia master back
Original Armando Garcia figure, back.  Note the jet pack!
3 Archive 2225 Travis B. Crokit front standing
Travis B. Crokit, front

As for Armando, I made a two-piece mold from Castaldo Quick Sil.   I continued to experiment with different configurations for my pouring aperture – this time with pencils and golf tees.  I also tried to see if I could add something to the mold that would help me identify it better as after graphite powder is applied its pretty hard to tell sometimes.  In this case – I added “MEX”.

3 first half Armando Garcia mold
Armando Garcia first mold half

The mold design worked well enough.   I was able to cast without hardly any failures, which made me happy.  I again used 67% tin and 33% lead at 565° F.

I cast 24, and again sent 12 off to Buck Surdu for his future sci-fi gaming projects.  Once I get Travis done, I may add some other retro-looking sci-fi weapons to the Rangers.  Buck just sent me a nice sprue of some that I will look to mold for that purpose (thanks Buck).  After seeing what he did with the Star Ducks (adding sci-fi weapons), I am intrigued to try this as well.

4 first half Armando Garcia regiment
24 Armando Garcia’s led by the master figure
5 first half Armando Garcia regiment
Side view of the group

Archive 2103 “Macron” Molding & Casting

A couple of figures that I saw on eBay caught my eye.  They were retro-looking astronauts/cosmonauts that had no provenance.  I could not tell that they were probably 54mm from the photo, but I did believe that they would be great for future sci-fi games.  They also looked fun to cast!

After a little research on Lost Mini’s Wiki  –  I found that these were Archive figures from a board game called Cosmic Encounter.

Originally these were Archive 2103, “Macron and the Mind”.


I do not have the brain figure, but I did have two Macrons.  I decided to mold them, thinking they could be “Space Giants”.

They were both in good shape.  I made a two-piece mold with Quick-Sil from Castaldo with one of the Macrons.  I made this mold rather tall to accommodate a large plug that would give the figures better detail.  I also experimented with using golf tees (that had “Merry Christmas Love Lynn” on them and an old pharma pen top for my mold opening.  I also added toothpicks for venting.

1 first half Macron Mold
Macron mold – first half


The mold desighn worked fine, and I was able to cast 24 satisfactory examples with a mix of 67% tin and 33% lead at 565° F.  The mold did not need much tapping at all which was great.  They did use up a lot of metal though relative to smaller figures, as one would expect.

3 Cast Macrons Mold
24 Macrons


I sent off half to Buck Surdu, and I kept the rest.  I am looking forward to getting them painted soon!